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Swipe Mobile Card Payments in San Diego

San Diego mobile credit card processing is great way to get ahead of the technology curve. If your business is constantly on the move, a mobile credit card scanner in San Diego can give you the opportunity to charge debit or credit cards from your mobile device or tablet.

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  • Lowest processing rates in San Diego
  • FREE Credit Card Scanner in San Diego, CA
Phone Credit Card Scanner in San Diego
Swipe Mobile in San Diego, CA

Benefits of Scanning Credit Cards with Your Phone

Being able to process a credit card quickly can be the difference between good customer feedback and a negative review. Don't let your processor slow you down. Using our systems, you will be able to see that mobile credit card processing in San Diego is quicker than ever. Use a our fast, reliable, and secure credit card scanner today!

Innovate Your Business

In years past, collecting payments in the service industry would require cash or check. Not anymore. Use your Iphone or tablet and instantly start processing credit card payments in San Diego. Being able to process a credit card on the job shows your customers that you are dedicated to providing them with the best overall service.

Secure Payments

Our swipe mobile pos systems in San Diego are safe and secure. Using only the best brands on the market and a great relationship with the top banks, your money will always be there for you. While providing your business with great rates, Echo Payments is committed to making sure you money is safe.

San Diego Credit Card Scanner
Mobile Credit Card machine in San Diego

Quickly Calculate How Much You Could Save On San Diego Merchant Services

For the most accurate quote, try to put in exact figures below. If you have a current merchant services provider San Diego, they should provide a monthly invoice that will show your total charges.

Estimated Current Cost: $825

Our Projected Rate: 2.40%

Our Cost: $720.33

Projected Savings: $104.67 / Month

Examples detail the fees paid by the clients based on their credit card volume and effective rate in 2023. Savings are calculated based on the industry average rate of 3%.

Actual Client Figures
Merchant Services Fees/Volume Effective Rate Savings Per Month Savings Per Year
Example 1 $1,539.99 / $77,317.57 1.98% $779.15 $9,353.71
Example 2 $493.72 / $23,290.74 2.12% $204.43 $2,459.93
Example 3 $813.87 / $39,910.45 2.04% $382.83 $4,600.68
Example 4 $3,162.90 / $130,709.90 2.42% $757.94 $9,100.10
Example 5 $3,865.88 / $154,635.15 2.5% $772.40 $9,277.53
Example 6 $1,047.23 / $46,581.48 2.25% $350.04 $4,202.42
Example 7 $2,382.79 / $119,739.06 1.99% $1,209.23 $14,511.75
Example 8 $1,349.06 / $64,849.18 2.08% $595.94 $7,157.03

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What Our Customers Say

I was able to get a lower rate AND free equipment. The tech came to my office and set everything up pretty quickly. Very happy with the service.

Hector K.

I couldn't do business without payment processing! Echo payments has been a quick solution to get my business off the ground.

Lilian P.

My point of sale system is great for my business. To be honest, I haven't tried many systems and didn't need to. The one I'm using worked out of the box.

Jenny S.

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