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Most Common Questions Our Customers Ask..

A: Yes, as long as the phone has been updated. All carder readers fit into the ear jack.

A: No, all equipment is paid for by us. Send it back to us and we'll replace it at no charge.

A: Yes, all major cards are accepted. This includes gift and check cards.

A: Yes, there are lots of Aps available. We are dedicated to helping you choose the right one. Using our years of experience we will get your business set up in not time.

A: We don't hold you to any contracts. You can opt out at anytime. We are in the business to help you save you money.

A: Yes, our business committed to helping your business. If you need assistance - with your equipment or POS system or you need technical support - we are available at all hours of the day.

A: Countertop terminals can also been known as the front of the house. They can be the mainframe for any successful business. Allowing customers to see the up to date technology and the speed should be enough to satisfy your customers. Being able to quickly process credit card payments with out any hassle is our expertise.

A: Reaching a global market should say it all. If you own a retail shop in northern California it would only make sense that you sell your services or goods online so someone in New York could purchase your goods. Ecommerce can also cut out the middle man at times, and allow you to get your products faster and more securely. Cost reduction is what every company strives for and e-commerce is the best way to drive up sales, while decreasing your cost.

A: Virtual terminals allow merchants to complete transactions without having a card or customer present. By plugging in the information into one of our safe and secure systems you will be able to do business faster than ever. No matter the industry virtual terminals can help create a more efficient business while tracking all your payments, expenses, and costs.

A: Lots of businesses can greatly find positive gain when using virtual terminals. Any business that accepts debit or credit cards for services or goods that are purchased by phone or fax. Even smaller sized businesses that don't do sales online can benefit from a virtual terminal. If you are an artist, or flea market vendor a virtual terminal will allow you to use a computer instead of a mobile device or something small than a computer. Anyone who wants to use a computer instead of a mobile device can do so.

What Our Customers Say

I was able to get a lower rate AND free equipment. The tech came to my office and set everything up pretty quickly. Very happy with the service.

Hector K.

I couldn't do business without payment processing! Echo payments has been a quick solution to get my business off the ground.

Lilian P.

My point of sale system is great for my business. To be honest, I haven't tried many systems and didn't need to. The one I'm using worked out of the box.

Jenny S.

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