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Having the correct POS system in Oak Ridge is key in any business. Whether you are in the grocery business or restaurant business, our Oak Ridge credit card machines will allow you to maximize your output while increasing revenues. Keeping track of all your inventory, credit card sales, schedules, payroll etc. has never been so easy. Our experts are committed to finding you the best POS system in Oak Ridge for your business.

Point of Sale Systems Oak Ridge
POS Systems in Oak Ridge, NC
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Time and Energy Saved

In today's world, it is all about what you do with your time. Using our custom Oak Ridge POS systems for your company will allow you to maximize sales and profits. Writing out payroll and setting up schedules can be a pain. Not anymore. Today you can save all of that information on a simple thumb drive. Every transaction you make will be stored into your database eliminating all those hours of filing papers and hand writing bills. Using a custom-built POS system in Oak Ridge will allow the computer to take care of all this - saving you time and money.

Oak Ridge Point of Sale Systems
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Quickly Calculate How Much You Could Save On Oak Ridge POS Systems

For the most accurate POS systems quote in Oak Ridge, try to put in exact figures below. If you have a current Point Of Sale systems provider, they should provide a monthly report that will show your effective rate.

Estimated Current Cost: $825

Our Projected Rate: 2.07%

Our Cost: $621.35

Projected Savings: $203.65 / Month

Actual Client Figures
POS Systems Fees/Volume Effective Rate Savings Per Month Savings Per Year
Example 1 $1,328.38 / $66,693.72 1.98% $672.09 $8,068.46
Example 2 $425.88 / $20,090.47 2.12% $176.34 $2,121.92
Example 3 $702.04 / $34,426.54 2.04% $330.22 $3,968.52
Example 4 $2,728.30 / $112,749.66 2.42% $653.79 $7,849.70
Example 5 $3,334.69 / $133,387.45 2.5% $666.27 $8,002.75
Example 6 $903.33 / $40,180.93 2.25% $301.94 $3,624.98
Example 7 $2,055.38 / $103,286.27 1.99% $1,043.08 $12,517.76
Example 8 $1,163.69 / $55,938.55 2.08% $514.05 $6,173.62

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What Our Customers Say

I was able to get a lower rate AND free equipment. The tech came to my office and set everything up pretty quickly. Very happy with the service.

Hector K.

I couldn't do business without payment processing! Echo payments has been a quick solution to get my business off the ground.

Lilian P.

My point of sale system is great for my business. To be honest, I haven't tried many systems and didn't need to. The one I'm using worked out of the box.

Jenny S.

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