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Information and pricing for online credit card payment systems.

With a credit card scanner that can attach to your phone, being able to do business on the fly these days is easier than ever. Whether it's your smart phone or tablet, your business can swipe mobile payments no matter where you are. Technology continues to grow, so should your business transactions. Many businesses can benefit from using a mobile credit card machine because of how easy and quick it is.

POS system For Your Phone
Credit Card Processors

Online Payment Processing Advantages

  • Multiple configurations mean your credit card machine is fully customizable to fit your business.
  • Our low processing rates allow you to save money on every swipe mobile transaction, giving you an edge over the competition.
  • Extraordinary customer service allows you to be up to date with the latest equipment and software.
  • Online credit card payment is ideal for businesses that want their customers to have quick and easy transactions, often times while on the move.
Point of Sale System for Mobile Devices

Phone Readers and Aps

We use a variety of different readers depending on which one suits your company the best. Here are a few of the most popular. Remember that all of this is absolutely FREE

Rambler 3.0 by Anywhere Commerce The Rambler 3.0 is very flexible allowing it to fit on any device whether it's an iphone or a tablet. Converting your phone into a POS terminal has never been so easy. It has a built in battery which helps keep your device from losing power.

Walker 1.0 by Anywhere Commerce The Walker 1.0 is ideal for businesses looking to integrate into the iPhone and tablet world. Processing EMV chips and a signature pad makes business easier than ever. Encrypting data as soon as the card is swiped allows customers to feel secure their information is safe.

Aprivapay Plus Apriva is great for small and mid-size business. It can help turn your tablet or iphone into a POS ternminal in minutes. EMV ready, this system is moving forward with technology. Whether your business is on the fly or stationary let this Ap do the work for your.

MX Express This ap has it all. Accepting credit card payments has never been so easy. With gratuitity options, print, email, or SMS text, customer receipts are now easier than ever. This POS terminal will allow you to keep track of every transaction.

Boost Your business

Using an Iphone credit card scanner has never been so easy. The cost is minimal and the upside is more business. Being able to accept credit cards while on the go hasn't been an option until a few years ago. Now we have mastered it and are ready to help you get the lowest rate while using the newest technology. Get transactions done at a quicker rate with out the hassle.


There are many benefits having a credit card machine for your phone or tablet. From convenience to quick paymnets, mobile credit card readers can boost your business today. More reasons to choose mobile card scanners are:

  • No upfront costs if you already own a Iphone or tablet With our free equiptment all you have to do is plug in your mobile reader to your device and your ready to go. It's that easy.
  • Credit cards can be processed anywhere The abililty to charge customers from the back of your trunk or after giving a lesson, mobile readers make processing payments easier, faster, and more efficent. If your business constantly has you on the go, don't let credit card processing hold you back, sign up today with one of our experts and get a free quote now!
  • Smaller is better Instead of a bulky cash register or a large computer monitor, a mobile card reader is more versatile, fast, and reliable. Adding on a cash drawer or printer is always an option.

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  • Flynn W.

    I have trouble understanding exchange rates. What is the easiest way to understand. Can someone explain this to me??

    07/19/19 07:35 PM
  • Rebecca White

    My company does over $1,000/day in transactions. Is there any sort of bulk discount for volume?

    07/10/19 03:40 PM
  • Hunter T

    Do I have to buy the card swiper that inserts into my phone separately? Do I pay monthly for it?

    07/10/19 12:37 PM
  • What is the rate based on

    07/09/19 06:47 PM

    Thank you!

    07/12/19 04:53 PM
    Echo Payments

    The rate is based on a variety of factors, the fixed exchange rate and variable rate based on your business.

    07/12/19 04:04 PM
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I was able to get a lower rate AND free equipment. The tech came to my office and set everything up pretty quickly. Very happy with the service.

Hector K.

I couldn't do business without payment processing! Echo payments has been a quick solution to get my business off the ground.

Lilian P.

My point of sale system is great for my business. To be honest, I haven't tried many systems and didn't need to. The one I'm using worked out of the box.

Jenny S.

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