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Point of Sale Systems

A POS system can be custom designed to help your business keep track of inventory, sales, payment processing, customer tracking, and labor management. There are thousands of POS systems out there and choosing the right one for your business can be an important step optimizing your profits. Our experts have used hundreds if not thousands of these and will be able to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

POS System
Point of Sale Systems

Credit Card Scanner Advantages

All POS systems are desgined to make your business more efficient in every aspect. Let our professionals explain and help you understand which one is right for you. From sales to inventory, a POS system can help save a company and help optimize each area of your business.

Merchant Services and Payment Processing


  • Aldelo POS The Aldelo POS system is ideal for restaurants and merchants looking for table service. Aldelo comes featured with, reservation and waiting list, guest and manager paging, customer tracking, table service and quick service order entry, staff communications, and much much more. If you are in the service industry this POS system could be for you.

  • Clover The Clover POS system comes in 3 sizes. Desktop, mini, and mobile. All 3 systems perform the same tasks but can be where you want them. Making payments has never been so easy. Tracking inventory and making time sheets use to be a headache, not anymore, check out the Clover POS system and start making your business run smooth.

  • Revel Ipad POS The Revel company is designed specifically for iPads. They have all the tools necessary to boost your business today. Whether you are in a retail shops, table service industry or quick service restaurants the Revel POS system is designed to make your daily operations run smooth.

  • Shopkeep Shopkeep is another POS system that is specifically designed for iPads. They state of the art technology will help you manage and track inventory, sales, and revenue. They are committed to providing you with quick payment options and simple monitoring systems.

  • Aloha POS Aloha is a company driven to provide the best in the hospitality control systems. Aloha is very fast and easy to use. No matter your level of expertise on computer or ipad, Aloha makes it easy for everyone. Reducing training costs and providing optimal operatoring costs is one of the many tools that Aloha has to offer your company.

Countertop Terminals

Having a proper credit card machine in your business can help the daily operations run smooth. Every business no matter how big or small needs to be able to consistently track information in a timely fashion. Having a proper credit card scanner can provide your company that stability. Checking customers out faster and tracking all sales is just a few of the things a good terminal can provide.

  • Pax S80 The Pax S80 is a great solution for your countertop needs. This advanced terminal is desgined to bring you faster transactions. Equipped with various communication technologies this terminal makes it easier than ever to process credit cards without interfearance. The large memory allows you to store all your daily information.

  • Verifone VX520 This terminal is one of the best on the market. This terminal comes with contactless and non-contactless versions. The contactless version can work with NFC enabled phone and Apple pay. This makes your business look like it is ahead of the technology curve. Stay ahead of the game with the Verifone VX520.

  • Mx6 by MxMerchant This is a virtual terminal that can be added on to any ipod or tablet device. Payments have never been so easy. Managing your team of employess and tracking sales will now give your managers the time they need to make sure your business is where it is suppose to be.

  • Authorize.net This company specializes in getting you business no matter where you are. This system allows you to collect, pay, or transfer from anywhere allowing your business to make money on the go. Easy and affordable this company could be the one for you.

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  • I'm interested in the pax s80 terminal. How many does a small business typically need?

    07/12/19 03:15 PM
    Echo Payments www.echopayments.com

    2 p.o.s terminals is usually adequate for a small business.

    07/12/19 03:17 PM
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